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DatuBIM's Deviation Detection helped to prevent $40,000 in potential damages. Learn how DatuBIM's accurate 3D modeling, early detection of deviations, and enhanced decision-making support helped this general contractor in this use case.
Replace on-site foot topos with aerial mapping and analytics to monitor project progress and quality remotely. Identify and resolve potential issues before they require costly rework.

Use cases Improve collaboration and communication with all stakeholders Build trust through one single version of the truth Get a demo Heavy civil and infrastructure

Use cases Streamline pre-construction through design evaluation and validation Use drone mapping and photogrammetry to replicate your site and future-proof your projects Get a demo

Use cases Get the data you need for accurate billing Simplify billing through accurate verification and compensation Get a demo Infrastructure construction projects are notorious

Use cases Win more bids with accurate and fast estimations using photogrammetry and drone mapping software Ensure you have all the necessary information you need

Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle