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Explore all the ways that Datumate can help you digitize, automate and optimize your infrastructure construction and transportation projects.

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Maximize efficiency and profitability with digital reporting for infrastructure construction. Leverage advanced analytics and digital reporting to improve productivity, profitability, and site safety.
Replace on-site foot topos with aerial mapping and analytics to monitor project progress and quality remotely. Identify and resolve potential issues before they require costly rework.
Share accurate and up-to-date information with all project stakeholders to minimize mistakes and enable data-driven decision-making. Eliminate subjectivity and easily report on project progress and potential issues for a win-win outcome.
Use drone mapping and photogrammetry to replicate your site and future-proof your projects. Understand opportunities and constraints early on, share information, compare designs, identify the best plans, and mitigate unforeseen risks from the start.
Eliminate costly and time-consuming manual surveying in the field. Use up-to-date quantity reporting and volume measurements for accurate billing and sub-contractor payment verification. Minimize disputes and ensure fair compensation for your work.
Ensure you have all the necessary information to stay competitive and bid accurately. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of all potential opportunities and risks to create a standout bid with precise pricing, scheduling, and solutions.
Improve earthwork progress tracking with automatic volume calculations. Monitor changes with new 3D models and compare design surfaces to as-builts. Keep track of cut-and-fill metrics in various formats.

Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle