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Learn more about how our customers are using DatuBIM – our photogrammetry and drone mapping software – to better manage infrastructure construction projects, optimize the quality and safety of projects, reduce resource investment, and improve productivity.

Latest case study
May 8, 2024
Stadsbader Group, a leading European construction firm, has harnessed the power of DatuBIM to transform its project management approach. Moving away from traditional, locally based systems, the company embraced this advanced platform to streamline data sharing, enhance collaboration, and boost efficiency across its 52 active sites. Survey Manager Simon Rooms highlights the significant time savings and improved workflows provided by DatuBIM, such as reducing data processing time from hours to minutes. This digital transformation has improved oversight and transparency, enabling the resolution of disputes and fostering collaboration. Exemplified in projects like Oosterweel and PSA Emerald, DatuBIM's adoption has resulted in increased trust among stakeholders and offers valuable insights into the future of construction project management.

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