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A14 Road and Railway Intersection Surveying for SKANSKA

As part of the UK’s A14 improvement scheme which is one of the UK’s largest road projects, it was required to map a busy A14 highway junction including a highway intersection and a railway line. The complex mapping included multiple infrastructure layers (bridge, road and railway line) as well as an accurate snapshot of the surrounding buildings to avoid future damage claims during road reconstruction work.

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Quantity Check Surveying

Courts at Clarksburg is an area that is being prepared for building homes. The area surveyed is an open area where infrastructure work has been done. The objective of this project is to survey the area to check the level of filled slab areas in an effort to compare it to the planned levels. And also to check quantities of cut and fill needed to finish the prep work.

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residential surveying

Residential Community Surveying

The objective of this project is to survey a residential area and detect changes in structures for property taxation purposes. The area surveyed included about 50 houses which were clearly shown on an orthophoto and as a dense point cloud as well.

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Survey of Baseball Stadium

Baseball Stadium Surveying

Doppler radar is being implemented in baseball and softball venues around the world to track the trajectory of pitched and hit balls. All physical obstructions that are within the azimuth of the Doppler radar field of view were identified using the model.

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Water Pond Surveying for Colorado DOT

CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) needed to survey a water pond to ensure the safety of travelers on the nearby highway. The purpose of the survey was to calculate the maximal volume of water that can fill the pond before overflow occurs.

A DJI Phantom 3 drone, managed by DatuFly™ professional surveying app, was used for easy and harmless photoshooting. The aerial photography was then processed using DatuSurveyTM Enterprise photogrammetry software.

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Fresno Park Topographic Map

QK Inc. needed to survey a city park in Fresno for the re-design of the wading-pool area. With DatuSurvey the project was completed within 1 field hour instead of 7 hours using conventional methods and
6 office hours instead of 14 hours.

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Nine Acres Roof Surveying

Survey a big roof of 40,000 [m2] (9 acres) including its facilities and objects and create a detailed map of the roof. Fieldwork, using conventional surveying techniques, entailed several major challenges: safety, complex structures and obstructions.

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Lifta Historical Village Survey

Israeli historical authorities decided to re-establish ancient buildings of historical village near Jerusalem as a tourist area:

The task was to survey a big area of 80,000 [m2] (20 acres) with high steep slopes and 121 ancient buildings, creating 3D topographic map in 1:100 scale.

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