Streamline pre-construction through design evaluation and validation

Use drone mapping and photogrammetry to replicate your site and future-proof your projects

In the fast-paced world of infrastructure construction, time is of the essence, and ensuring accurate design evaluation and validation is crucial for successful project outcomes. When you factor in the unique elements presented by each construction site, such as geographical location, environmental regulations, budgetary constraints, and more, the challenges multiply tenfold.

With DatuBIM, you can overcome these obstacles and future-proof your projects. Our platform allows you to replicate your site during the pre-construction phase, enabling you to compare site conditions to designs and gain a clear understanding of site-specific constraints and opportunities at the earliest stages of the project. By leveraging DatuBIM, you can proactively address challenges, make informed decisions, and set your project on a path to success from day one.

Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle





Streamline and optimize design and planning

Identify potential design flaws or inefficiencies early on to prevent modifications during the construction phase and costly rework. Save both time and money and maximize overall project profitability for all stakeholders involved.

Collaborate on design and improve transparency

Create an accurate replica of site conditions and a single source of truth for designers, engineers, and other stakeholders. With enhanced communication and a shared platform for design evaluation and validation, team members can work together more effectively, leading to better coordination, fewer misunderstandings, and improved project outcomes.

Enhance quality and accuracy and minimize risk

Ensure higher quality and accuracy, identify and mitigate potential risks, evaluate alternative approaches, and implement necessary mitigation strategies before construction begins. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of costly errors, project delays, and safety hazards – enhancing overall project success and reducing risk exposure.