Cloud-native SaaS platform for 4D infrastructure construction data analytics

Digitize and automate your infrastructure construction projects and complete high-quality roads, highways and railways – on time and within budget.

DatuBIM is the drone software for heavy civil construction.

Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle

Deliver high-quality projects – on time and within budget! 

DatuBIM is an automatic, cloud-native SaaS construction data analytics and management platform based on an AI and photogrammetric drone mapping engine. This collaborative platform turns your drone and laser scanning data and images into survey-grade 3D models and maps.

These accurate replicas of your site, when combined with detailed engineering and progress reports, allow for ongoing comparisons against designs and previous as-builts. Furthermore, the platform provides in-depth analytics and insights. As a result, you can enhance transparency and collaboration among all stakeholders, make well-informed decisions based on concrete facts, and more effectively manage and monitor project progress from any location.

Turn your drone and laser scanning data into analytics and insights

Leverage the power of AI to digitize your construction site 

Track work progress, detect deviations and prevent rework 

Enhance collaboration, reduce uncertainty and improve efficiency

Do more with the same resources in less time

Your single source of truth across the entire project lifecycle

DatuBIM is integrated into every phase of your project to automate and optimize processes. Digitized project execution provides you with a single source of permanently updated data and insights throughout the entire project life cycle.


Data collection & upload

Automatic, frequent capture and upload of drone images and laser scanning data.


Automatic georeferencing

Following the initial setup of physical GCPs, a unique algorithm creates virtual ground control points that are used from this point on.


Mapping and modelling

Automatic generation of survey-grade models and maps from ground and/or aerial images.


Insights, annotations & collaboration

Data analytics, insights, geo-referenced annotations, and sharing of information with all stakeholders.


Report generation

State and progress reports including comparisons against design and as-builts from all project phases.

Seamless integration with existing workflows and systems

Data that matters right at your fingertips

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    Ongoing data and analytics

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    Multiple models and outputs

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    Visualization and progress monitoring

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    Annotations for easy collaboration

    Measurements and volumes

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    4D mapping and schedule tracking

    Reporting and documentation

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    Supervision and quality control

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