Datumate for Engineering & Consulting (E&C) firms

Seamlessly plan, design and oversee infrastructure construction projects using advanced data analytics

Explore the revolutionary potential of advanced construction data analytics and management. Specifically designed for Engineering & Consulting companies, our solution gives 4D capabilities so you can integrate with scheduling tools and track projects seamlessly from the initial design phase through to completion and beyond. Gain complete transparency across multiple sites at any given time and from anywhere, effortlessly share information with all stakeholders involved, and easily detect and control quality and scheduling issues online and on time.

Harness the power of this advanced technology to make well-informed decisions, streamline operations, and demonstrate your industry leadership.
Let’s unlock the full potential of your projects together.

Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle

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    Get unmatched clarity and in-depth insights into project sites

    Capture highly-precise measurements and gather comprehensive data about the project site at every stage of its lifecycle. Utilize comprehensive analyses and reports to make more informed decisions, optimize planning and design, streamline workflows, minimize environmental impact, and achieve superior project outcomes.

    Enhance project planning and design with precise site data

    Utilize accurate site data to elevate your project planning and design processes. By creating up-to-date 3D models and digital terrain maps using precise on-site information, you gain a comprehensive and visually immersive view of the project area. This invaluable resource can be accessed remotely, enabling proactive problem-solving, identifying challenges, optimizing resource allocation, adapting project designs, ensuring seamless coordination among stakeholders, and optimizing project execution from start to finish.

    Connect field to office and utilize advanced 4D capabilities to stay on track and on schedule

    Maintain control and confidence in your projects with advanced 4D capabilities, AI-powered predictions and visual comparisons of site conditions against initial plans and different dates. Seamlessly integrate with scheduling tools, monitor project milestones closely, swiftly identify any deviations or delays, and keep your projects on track and on schedule. With access to accurate site data, optimize resource management, proactively solve problems, and gain valuable insights to stay within budget. Experience the transformative power of real-time progress tracking and advanced AI capabilities to drive successful project outcomes.

    Enhance project coordination and alignment with seamless communication and collaboration

    Connect team members to the right information at all times, regardless of their location. Effortlessly communicate project updates, share aerial images, and engage in discussions about design changes with enhanced clarity and effectiveness. This streamlined communication fosters improved collaboration among team members, project owners, subcontractors, and stakeholders, creating a cohesive and efficient project environment.

    Reduce costs, accelerate project delivery and maximize cost-efficiency

    Capture data rapidly over large project areas, minimizing the need for extensive manual fieldwork. Expedite project timelines, lower labor costs, make faster decisions, respond promptly to changing conditions, identify and address issues as they arise, and optimize overall efficiency while reducing costs.

    Improve financial planning, elevate customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge

    Accurately budget and predict project costs, allocate resources more efficiently, and provide customers with improved cost predictability, delivering projects on time and within budget. Demonstrate your technological leadership by embracing innovative solutions that differentiate you from competitors, positioning you as a forward-thinking and market-leading organization.