Build with intelligence

Drive your infrastructure construction forward with construction data analytics and management software

Discover the construction data analytics and management platform that gives you full visibility into your infrastructure and transportation projects in an intuitive, digital and automatic way using drone and laser scanning mapping and an advanced AI and photogrammetry engine. 

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Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle

Overcoming the heavy civil and infrastructure construction challenge

Lack of construction site data and project visibility 

Shortage of professional workers 

No single source of truth

Little or no collaboration between stakeholders 

We can help you overcome these challenges!  

Double your project profitability and improve sustainability

Deliver high-quality projects –
on time and within budget! 

DatuBIM is an automatic, cloud-native SaaS construction data analytics and management platform based on an AI and photogrammetric drone mapping engine. This collaborative platform turns your drone and laser scanning data and images into survey-grade 3D models and maps.

These accurate replicas of your site, when combined with detailed engineering and progress reports, allow for ongoing comparisons against designs and previous as-builts. Furthermore, the platform provides in-depth analytics and insights. As a result, you can enhance transparency and collaboration among all stakeholders, make well-informed decisions based on concrete facts, and more effectively manage and monitor project progress from any location.

Turn your drone and laser scanning data into analytics and insights

Leverage the power of AI to digitize your construction site 

Track work progress, detect deviations and prevent rework 

Enhance collaboration, reduce uncertainty and improve efficiency

Do more with the same resources in less time

Transforming the construction lifecycle from end to end 

Maximize efficiency with digital reporting for infrastructure construction

Leverage advanced infrastructure construction analytics and digital reporting to optimizing operations, get paid accurately and on time, and drive successful project outcomes overall, no matter the kind of project.

Streamline pre-construction through design evaluation and validation

Use drone mapping and photogrammetry to replicate your site and future-proof projects. Understand opportunities and constraints early, share information, compare designs and mitigate unforeseen risks from the start.

Win more bids with accurate and fast estimations

Ensure you have the info you need to stay competitive. Easily identify potential opportunities and risks to create a standout bid with precise pricing, scheduling, and solutions.

Connect field to office and closely manage and monitor your projects

Replace on-site foot topos with aerial mapping and analytics to monitor project progress and quality remotely. Identify and resolve potential issues before they require costly rework.

Get the data you need for accurate billing

Eliminate costly and time-consuming manual surveying in the field. Use up-to-date measurements and reporting for accurate billing and sub-contractor payment verification. Minimize disputes and ensure fair compensation.

Improve collaboration and communication with all stakeholders

Share accurate and up-to-date information with all stakeholders to enable data-driven decision-making. Eliminate subjectivity and easily report on project progress and potential issues for a win-win outcome.

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