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Drone Surveying 
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Photogrammetry Software
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From automated drone mapping to high-precision outputs, Datumate’s photogrammetry software tools save costly field and office time, cut down operational expenses and achieve the most accurate results.

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Field-to-Plan process has never been so fast, easy and accurate


Photoshoot using DatuFly drone app or capture images from the ground

Save up to 80% costly field time


Measure ground control points or distances to reference your images (Optional)


Act on Dense point cloud
Draft on 2D images

Save up to 30% costly office time

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Comprehensive field-to-plan solution
Professional, survey grade
Significant savings
Automated, Intuitive & Simple
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Datumate software is exciting, dynamic, and transformative. We would absolutely recommend it to our peers. The possibilities for application and use of their products is limitless.

Brad Lariscy, Survey Technician III at Thomas & Hutton

We had a need for surveying a small facility and all of its small and intricate details. We tried Datumate and the results were phenomenal! Since then we started using Datumate's solution for all of our projects. We have tried other solutions as well - Datumate's learning curve was the shortest, the results were much more precise and the ability to manipulate the data was greater than in any other solution.
There's no other software on the market that can compete with it. I make sure to let everyone know about Datumate.

Ray Lillibridge, Survey Technical Specialist, OHM Advisors.

Datumate’s advanced photogrammetry software, enabled us to get quick and very accurate results, as required by our customer. Its unique capability of working directly on actual digitized images enables easy identification of small and thin objects for faster completion of work.

Mearon Okonsky, Hummingbird Systems

We are a land development and construction company with our own rubble landfills and paving plant along with other companies, we needed a safer and time saving way to quantify our material piles for our plants and landfills also a way to do progress reports for our job sites. So we went to using UA Systems (drones). Datumate was part of the package for the drone we have and after the first time using it I saw how user friendly and accurate the software was not only on the drone but in the office.

Ben Brown, Pleasants Construction, Inc.


Topography maps
As-built maps
Stockpile Volume calculation
Building Facades
Bridges & Towers
...and more

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