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DatuBIM Construction Data Analytics

Optimize your construction projects with data-driven insight

Throughout planning and execution, Datumate puts your construction data to work, so you can stay on time and budget with your projects. Whether you’re a construction developer, general constructor, project manager or surveyor, discover the power of our solutions tailor-made to answer your needs. 


Getting remote site monitoring right

DatuBIM is a non-intrusive, end-to-end service and collaboration platform that delivers automated engineering data analytics within hours of data capture. 

 As-built digital twins and automated multi-dimensional, customized analytics deliver valuable insights for optimizing control and document processes, quality and budget.

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Optimize the delivery of your infrastructure projects

Roads & Highways

DatuBIM helps our customers optimize processes, increase  accuracy, and keep highway projects on time.

DatuBIM facilitates smarter  construction decision-making on the management level as well as precise tracking of earthwork, a core road construction activity.


Our railway customers leverage DatuBIM for project management, progress tracking, and quality assurance.

DatuBIM helps project owners stay on track despite shortages of skilled workers such as construction inspectors.


At every stage, utility construction projects benefit from the fast turnaround of DatuBIM engineering and surveying reports.

DatuBIM insights and supervision data are easily shared, to ensure that all project stakeholders are always up-to-date and well-informed.


DatuBim provides our customers with the data, insight, and capabilities they