Get the data you need for accurate billing

Simplify billing through accurate verification and compensation

Infrastructure construction projects are notorious for their intricate supply chains involving multiple stakeholders. Consequently, keeping track of invoicing, payment requests for work done, and payments to subcontractors becomes a daunting task. And, verifying the accuracy of requested amounts is an even bigger challenge.

Enter DatuBIM – the ultimate solution for tacking these challenges head-on. By leveraging DatuBIM’s advanced features, you can significantly reduce on-the-ground surveys, replacing them with automated, up-to-date reports. This streamlined approach minimizes disputes, ensures accurate billing, and guarantees fair compensation for all stakeholders involved.
With DatuBIM’s accurate data management system at your fingertips, you can say goodbye to billing headaches and confidently navigate the complexities of infrastructure construction projects with ease.

Powering decision-making for complex infrastructure and civil construction across the project lifecycle





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Streamline operations with automated processes

Say goodbye to repetitive manual tasks and welcome efficiency into your workflows. With DatuBIM, you can eliminate costly and time-consuming manual field surveying – liberating your team from labor-intensive monthly billing processes.

Stay on top of construction teams and their progress with up-to-date reporting and volume measurements. Embrace automated analytics to ensure accurate reporting and invoicing, swift verification of sub-contractor payments, and seamless sign-off on monthly billing.

Efficiently manage and bill for change orders and rework

Closely monitor and accurately charge for any modifications made to the design or resulting from site conditions – even after the work has been completed. Easily check progress and visualize the completed work to ensure precise calculations and reimbursement.

Quickly verify payment requests to prevent any potential discrepancies and ensure fair compensation for all work involved. By minimizing disputes, you can maintain a harmonious working environment and foster trust amongst all stakeholders.

Achieve greater confidence in your earthwork calculations and contractor payments

Take control of earthwork accuracy and streamline contractor billing processes. Effortlessly measure stockpiles with precision and make easy comparisons with historical data or final designs to assess remaining work.

Ensure transparency by notifying all sub-contractors that all measurements and billing will be verified. With this proactive approach, deter false claims and foster a more trustworthy and efficient project environment.