Digital construction analytics and monitoring platform to be used in up to 100 residential developments in northern Israel to drive increased productivity and collaboration

YOKNEAM, Israel, January 4, 2023 – Datumate, a leading provider of construction data analytics for the infrastructure construction industry, is pleased to announce that it recently won an Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH) multi-year tender for the digital quality and progress monitoring of residential infrastructure construction projects. 

As part of this framework service agreement, Datumate will provide services based on DatuBIM, its 4D cloud-based construction data analytics platform. Designed and tailored for large-scale heavy civil and infrastructure projects, this platform will give stakeholders full visibility into the construction progress of projects; a single source of truth for design, plans and As-Built data; and the ability to run advanced analytics, and overlay design plans to check for deviations and potential quality issues. The goal will be to facilitate easier end-to-end work progress tracking and monitoring, better collaboration, and more trust between project stakeholders.

“We are thrilled to have won this tender for MOCH. During the past few years, we have strongly established our presence both in Israel and globally and have had great success working with leading government and private organizations,” said Dror Friedman, CEO of Datumate. “This tender further validates the need for a robust digital construction platform to help shape the future of infrastructure construction by providing accurate data and an objective source of truth for all stakeholders involved across the construction lifecycle. We are looking forward to supporting project managers in their day-to-day challenges and to helping them work more efficiently.”

Under this agreement, DatuBIM will be used in up to 100 annual projects in the north of Israel and as a result, construction and supervision teams will benefit from:

  • Full visualization and remote monitoring of project progress throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Increased collaboration, transparency, accountability, and efficiency
  • Ability to compare construction work against design or previous 3D models
  • Automated engineering reports
  • Digital supervision of teams, quality assurance and billing verification
  • Monitoring of earthwork, improving scheduling, and quick deviation detection

About Datumate

Datumate is a construction technology (ConTech) company offering a cloud-based 4D data analytics platform for digitizing infrastructure construction projects.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest departments of transportation, project owners and general contractors, our platform simplifies and automates infrastructure construction processes in three main areas: mapping and measuring of building sites, tracking and monitoring of project progress, and comprehensive quality control. The result – faster, more efficient, and higher quality project delivery.

About the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH)

The Ministry of Construction and Housing was established in 1961 and is in charge of initiating and implementing government policy for housing and residential construction. The Ministry promotes residential construction in rural and urban areas for the general public, supplying public housing and subsidizing rent and mortgages for disadvantaged populations.

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