As-Built field data
and analytics

Delivering Comprehensive As-Built Field Data and Analytics on a Daily Basis

We deliver field measurement and survey services on a daily basis to implement BIM budgets, schedules and quality. DatuBIM™ effectively measures planned vs actual progress, identifies the cause of project delays and pinpoints project deliverable risks.

How does it work?

Our workflow

DatuBIM™ - Managerial Field Data & Analytics Delivered Continuously

  • Management and ControlData driven decisions for planning and project execution
  • TimelyField data analytics delivered on a daily vs. monthly basis
  • Cost SavingReducing budget overruns and delays
  • CollaborativeCollaborative platform accessible from anywhere for multiple users
  • DigitalDigital documentation, models and report accessible at any time
  • Competitive AdvantageImproved planning, pricing and execution
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Step 1 - Upload BIM Model / Design Plans / Project Schedule

DatuBIM™ integrates with the project BIM model, design plans and project schedule in order to provide progress tracking and analytics. The system can read CAD models and project schedule or import them from your Autodesk BIM 360 account. Integration with project design provides smart analytics, progress tracking and As-Built vs. Design comparison to allow budget, schedule and quality control.

Step 2 - Plan your mission using DatuFly™

DatuFly™ - A tablet app for easy flight planning and automated, high resolution photo-shooting of a surveyed object or area. With job type optimization and autonomous flight and photo-shooting, DatuFly™ is ideal for professional surveying applications and construction services. Image-taking plan is executed based on the best practice requirements of Datumate’s products and services.

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Step 3 - Upload Images to the Cloud

Once all images were taken from the field, all you have to do is login to DatuBIM™ secure cloud and upload these images. Each user has his own isolated secured environment Where he can see and manage all of his construction sites and jobs. The data is stored in the cloud for easy access at any time and from any location.

Step 4 - Automatic Processing Images and Data

Using cloud computing and smart algorithms, DatuBIM automatically processes the images and flight data to generate various outputs like CAD models, 3D Point Clouds, True Orthophotos, Elevation maps, Volume and delta reports. These models and maps can be download and easily imported to any CAD system for post processing at any time.

View & Download models, maps, analytics & reports

DatuBIM™ allows you to download your models, maps, reports and analytics. Also, DatuBIM™ allows you to view your 3D models using your web browser to perform measurements and calculations. If you have special needs and requests, Datumate can generate for you custom reports and analytics that can help you better control and manage your construction site.

Variety of outputs & analytics

DatuBIM™ services provide various engineering and analytics outputs that can be download locally or viewable in your web browser

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BIM Modeling
As-Built Analytics
Progress Monitoring
Delta Reports
3D Models & measurements


This is how a typical pilot project with DatuBIM™ Service looks like:

  • Real construction infrastructure project, newly build
  • Weekly instances: automated drone flight, field data and analytics report
  • Duration: 1 – 3 months, $20K – $70K
  • Deliverables: 
    • Project models & maps generation
    • Data, models & maps storage in a secure cloud
    • Survey grade measurements and calculations
    • Analytics & progress reports (as-built progress, stockpiles volumes, milestones tracking, materials, etc.)
    • Custom reports, analytics and cloud customization per demand
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