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Automated Construction Data Analytics Platform


Turning construction data into insight

DatuBIM is an automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud platform designed and built for infrastructure construction projects. It enables construction companies to monitor project progress, ensure quality, and control budgets based on actionable project execution metrics extracted from field data.

By providing a single source of up-to-date data through the entire lifecycle of the asset built, DatuBIM empowers stakeholders to efficiently manage construction sites from planning through execution and maintenance. Digitizing and automating monitoring, data analysis and reporting processes bring simplicity and collaboration for your project management.

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Automation from planning to execution and maintenance

DatuBIM is integrated into each phase of your project to automate and optimize processes. Digitized project execution provides you with a single source of permanently updated data and insights throughout the entire project life cycle.

Data Collection


Automatic, frequent acquisition of drone data and images​



Upload of drone data and images to the cloud

Egineering Models


Automatic generation of survey-grade models and maps



Progress reports and comparisons against design or previous as-builts



Data analytics, insights and forecasts shared across entities

Enterprise-Ready SaaS Platform

DatuBIM is delivered as a cloud based solution so you can benefit from a quick setup and deployment, accessibility when and where you need it, and scalability that will allow you to monitor multiple, dispersed project. 

  • Accessibility when and where you need it
  • Monitoring multiple, dispersed projects​
  • Easy user management and report sharing
  • Quick setup and deployment
  • Frequent software updates​

Bring simplicity and collaboration to your project management


Automates and digitizes the full construction project lifecycle

Streamlines data collection from the field and automatically generates computerized engineering data and continuous digital project documentation.


Supports multidimensional project management - geometry, time, costs and data

Enables comprehensive project management control, including comparisons with design, schedule and material, based on wide range of multi-dimensional process analyses.

Engineering Reports

Rapidly delivers high value engineering and managerial analytics

Automatically generates accurate engineering data and process analytics for hands-on project management, with reports available within 24 hours.


Compatible with existing construction project processes

Non-intrusive end-to-end solution is easy to use and hassle-free for swift adoption by your team and fast time-to-value.

Supports effective, collaborative decision making

Enterprise-ready secure SaaS platform makes information sharing and cross-team collaboration simple.

Integrates seamlessly with digital construction and BIM systems

Standard engineering outputs are fully compatible with BIM systems and project execution deliverables.

Advanced Construction Data Analytics

Be in the know, on time and on budget

Make better, more data-driven decisions, and improve communication with project stakeholders by leveraging clear visualizations and insightful reports about your construction site.

Track progress and promptly reveal delays and deviations from plan with accurate, detailed reports. 

The data you need, the way you want it

Let our experts tailor analytics to your requirements and workflows, and smooth adoption by customizing reports to match familiar formats.

Get the project scheduling, material management and other reports that deliver perfect-fit insights for your business.

Monitor execution progress and schedules through automatic comparisons with design plans.

Boost project success with custom reporting of crucial metrics and process KPIs.

Ensure continuous progress with automated comparisons of current status and data captured in previous flights.

Leverage volume calculations to accurately estimate costs and time and as valuable KPIs.

Receive timely reports to verify that work is done to design and to detect aberrations early.

Generate reports for land encroachment identification to comply with regulations and avoid or settle disputes.

Your Projects. Your Workflows. Your Outputs.

DatuBIM analytics and reports are based on a rich array of built-in, automated engineering models and outputs.

2D True Orthophotos

  • Survey-grade precision and accuracy (sub inch or sub 3cm)
  • Georeferencing to user defined coordinate system
  • Rectified and true-to-scale images without object tilting
  • Real-time representation of construction sites​
  • Can be viewed online or downloaded in various formats
  • CAD\BIM compatible

3D Point Clouds

  • High-density, true color points generated from aerial imagery
  • High-precision X,Y,Z coordinates
  • 3D model representation of construction sites
  • CAD\BIM compatible

3D Texture Mesh Models

  • 3D high-resolution visual representation
  • Great for visualization of construction sites​​
  • Shareable online models facilitate collaboration and communication across organization​

2.5D Elevation Maps & Contours

  • Detailed and quantitative representation of surface heights​
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM)​
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM)​
  • Improves earthwork management

3D Point Clouds

  • Provides fast, online measurement and calculations​
  • Allows complex engineering reports to be generated in minutes​
  • Enables quality assurance on constructed areas​
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