New partnership to expand Datumate’s footprint on the infrastructure construction market in the UK.

YOKNEAM, Israel, March 29, 2022 – Datumate, an infrastructure construction software company and developer of the DatuBIM cloud-based Construction Data Analytics platform, announced today a new partnership with ProDroneWorx, a leading UK-based provider of drone surveying and modeling services to the construction, infrastructure and asset management markets.

“This partnership allows our clients to manage, visualize, and analyze all of their digital project data in one place. Our ability to offer DatuBIM analytics marks a huge step forward in terms of our overall service offering,” said Ian Tansey, Managing Director at ProDroneWorx.

“Both onsite and offsite teams can remotely access project data through multiple devices. This means that they can work seamlessly together to advance large-scale projects at pace and with ease. The relationship with Datumate is key in enabling our clients to deliver outcomes in an efficient and cost effective manner without the need for expensive hardware or software.”

The agreement will help to accelerate the adoption of the DatuBIM platform in the UK infrastructure and construction sectors, which in turn will have significant ripple effects in fuelling economic growth in post-Brexit, post-pandemic Britain. Technology of this nature will be critical in meeting the innovation goals of the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, which allocates £650 billion of public and private investment to help transform people’s lives in the years ahead.

“Datumate is excited to partner with ProDroneWorx, which already has customers successfully deployed on the DatuBIM platform. As licensed drone operators, ProDroneWorx is well-positioned to combine their flight capabilities with our AI-based analytics and insights to offer delightful end-to-end solutions to their customers,” said Andrew Rhodes, VP Sales UK at Datumate.

“ProDroneWorx complements Datumate perfectly, as is demonstrated by the excellent value provided through a streamlined product offering. Our solution offsets uncertainty to permit the delivery of large-scale infrastructure and construction projects which are notoriously difficult to complete within agreed timeframes and budgets. This is well understood in the UK market – just imagine for a moment that ambitious mega-projects like HS2 had been planned, executed and supervised using the kind of cutting edge aerial surveying, 3D modeling and artificial intelligence that our platform offers. This partnership with ProDroneWorx will improve efficiency, increase quality and dramatically reduce costs in the revolutionary digital construction site.”

ProDroneWorx will integrate the DatuBIM Construction Data Analytics platform into its offering and provide managed services like drone data acquisition and custom reporting. DatuBIM generates survey-grade 3D site models and allows for advanced digital progress tracking, measurements, and engineering reports.

With DatuBIM, infrastructure construction companies and owners can empower their teams to make data-driven decisions and:

  • Visualize and remotely monitor project progress throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Increase transparency, accountability, and efficiency
  • Compare 3D Digital As-Built vs. As-Designed
  • Receive automated engineering reports
  • Supervise teams, assure quality, and control bills
  • Monitor earthwork, improve scheduling, and detect deviations fast

About ProDroneWorx

ProDroneWorx is one of the UK’s leading aerial surveying and inspection companies providing digital models or twins to aid the decision making process at the tender, planning and construction phases of a project. ProDroneWorx holds a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) exemption called an Operational Safety Case (OSC) that allows data gathering flights to be completed in complex environments without disruption on the ground, quickly and safely.

ProDroneWorx provides surveying, inspection and modeling services to the Construction, Infrastructure and Asset Management markets using a combination of aerial technology, terrestrial laser scanning and utility/GPR. Using 2D/3D digital data improves the management of assets and projects, provides deeper data insights, better project collaboration, and improved data deliverables to clients while reducing costs and risks. The 2D/3D digital or HD imagery can be used for the surveying, monitoring, tracking, inspection or measuring of projects and assets.

For further details, visit  or follow ProDroneWorx on LinkedIn.

About Datumate

Datumate is a construction tech company serving construction companies, general contractors, owners, and project management firms. Its construction data analytics platform DatuBIM improves project management and accelerates infrastructure construction projects’ delivery through continuously updated, drone-based 3D models of the construction sites.

Automatic model generation and insightful analytics drive transparency, accountability and efficiency of all teams involved. DatuBIM enables data-driven, faster, and collaborative decision-making and allows for tracking project progress, optimized project management, and high ROI. Delivered as a cloud-based platform, DatuBIM gives teams remote access to insights, reduces time on-site, and keeps workers safe.

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