Leading construction data analytics company Datumate joins forces with Netivei Israel to advance digital project management and delivery, cut costs, and improve communities’ well-being.

YOKNEAM, Israel, June 29, 2021 – Datumate, the developer of the DatuBIM Construction Data Analytics platform, is excited to announce a partnership with Netivei Israel, the country’s leading engineering and management company of large-scale transportation infrastructure projects and programs. Netivei Israel, a state-owned company, operates under the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, and the partnership is supported by the Government Companies Authority and a grant by the Israel Innovation Authority.

Datumate and Netivei Israel entered into a design partnership that will accelerate the development, adoption, and implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for infrastructure construction projects. In a study commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Israeli National Institute for Construction Research found that BIM adoption can improve project profitability by up to 13%. BIM offers significant improvements in planning, time management, project coordination, and scheduling, leading to higher productivity and less rework.

Netivei Israel, a leader in setting new infrastructure construction standards, is known nationwide as a supporter and early adopter of BIM methodology and technology. To adopt BIM in all of their projects in the coming years, Netvei Israel is looking for technology that can bring BIM from the planning to the project delivery phase.

Datumate provides its DatuBIM Construction Data Analytics platform with a complete set of services to monitor two highway construction projects over the term of 18 months each. As part of this design partnership, Netivei Israel will gain access to Datumate’s latest developments and functionalities. It will, in return, provide feedback on the solution fit for complex processes, construction-specific needs and challenges, and deepen the DatuBIM platform value proposition and ROI for owners of transportation infrastructure assets during planning, construction, and maintenance.

DatuBIM platform generates digital, complete, and precise (survey-grade) 3D site models that enable construction data analytics, advanced digital process and progress tracking, measurements, and engineering reports. With weekly or bi-weekly drone-based data acquisition, Datumate’s platform delivers:

  • Design validation
  • Digital documentation for the entire project life-cycle
  • Construction work progress tracking and comparison to design
  • Material tracking
  • Schedule and milestones tracking
  • Budget control
  • Field-to-office collaboration framework

The partnership’s additional objective is to build a custom interface and integration between the cloud-based, open-architecture DatuBIM solution and Netivei Israel’s existing systems to capitalize on the digital transformation and innovation strategies.

“Over the past few years, we see more and more companies and government organizations adopting state-of-the-art technologies such as Datumate, as well as adopting BIM methodologies on new projects. Netivei Israel is a great example of a company that understands the value and power of technologies that will assist in the transition to fully managed BIM projects. The partnership with Netivei Israel will help shape Datumate’s BIM solution for transportation infrastructure projects. It will also pave the way for other companies like Netivei Israel to understand the value of BIM methodology and technology adoption,” emphasized Itay Segev, VP of Products and Marketing at Datumate.

“As the National Transport Infrastructure company, we see the connection with the private sector as a natural partnership that constitutes strength and drives optimal benefits for the general public – the citizens of the country. Thanks to the vast knowledge and expertise that Netivei Israel accumulated in its 100 years of activity and the capabilities of Datumate, I am convinced that wonderful things will be the outcome. For us in Israel, even on the roads, the sky is not the limit,” said Hilla Haddad, VP Strategy and Innovation at Netivei Israel.

About Netivei Israel

Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd. is a government-owned company responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining Israel’s interurban road network and the development of railway lines.

Netivei Israel is a central growth engine for the Israeli economy, emphasizing the quality and safety of roads and environmental development.

About Datumate

Datumate is a construction-tech company serving construction companies, general contractors, owners, and project management firms. Its construction data analytics platform DatuBIM improves project management and accelerates infrastructure construction projects’ delivery through continuously updated, drone-based 3D models of the construction sites. 

Automatic model generation & insightful analytics drive transparency, accountability & efficiency of all teams involved. DatuBIM enables data-driven, faster, and collaborative decision-making and allows for tracking project progress, optimized project management, and high ROI. Delivered as a cloud-based platform, DatuBIM gives teams remote access to insights, reduces time on-site, and keeps workers safe.

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