Residential Community Surveying

Company Photo Map, Inc.
Job TypeProperty Taxation Mapping
Project DateMay, 2017
Project Size150,000 m2 (40 Acre)
DroneDJI Phantom 4 Pro
Flight PatternVertical
Number of Images200
AccuracyBetter than 2.5 cm (0.08ft)
DatuSurvey savings1 field hour instead of 1 day using conventional methods
4 office hours instead of 2 days
No need to climb on roof

Datumate’s solution, enabled us to get quick and accurate results, as required by our customer. Its unique capability of giving accurate results with minimal number of ground control points was very impressive.

Labib Halaby, Photo Map, Inc.


Project Description

The objective of this project is to survey a residential area and detect changes in structures for property taxation purposes. The area surveyed included about 50 houses which were clearly shown on an orthophoto and as a dense point cloud as well. 


This allowed quick area examination and measurement of each property on the point cloud, and a more precise measurement right on the images.


Less than 10 Ground Control Points were physically measured on the ground. 


Data Acquisition

Phantom 4 Pro drone was used for quick, precise and easy image capturing.

Best results are achieved with DatuFly™ app for drones, using vertical flight pattern at 70m (230ft) altitude.

It only takes 30 minutes to get all the required images to achieve a better than 2cm (0.065 ft.) resolution.

Datumate Advantage

DatuSurvey™ Photogrammetry solution allowed the user to quickly isolate each property on the dense point cloud calculating its area, as well as quickly seeing changes made. 

Exporting the Orthophoto to AutoCAD and overlaying over the current as-built plans allow quick detection of changes. Subsequently, for each property where changes were seen, the property was digitized directly on the actual digitized images. This allowed for a very precise measurement and marking of changes.

Traditionally, to accomplish such a mission, a surveyor would have to physically measure each building and calculate its area, a lengthy process which may also incorporate safety risks in implementation.



DatuSurvey™ Enterprise Outputs

The drone’s imagery was analyzed and processed using DatuSurvey™ Enterprise photogrammetry software to quickly generate a dense point cloud and true Orthophoto images, identify and measure objects, and draw directly on the images where needed.

A point file, including names, codes and coordinates of all new points was generated. Overall, 70 new points were drafted directly on the images.

The measurement accuracy of all the points was better than 2.5 cm (0.08ft) in 3D coordinates.

True Orthophoto

A true orthophoto was generated from the vertical flight.

Texturized & Dense Point Cloud

CAD Data

A 3D CAD model in DXF format was created. It included all objects that were generated by drafting directly on the images using DatuSurvey™ Enterprise.