Fresno Park Topographic Map

Job Type Topography project
CompanyQK Inc.
CountryCalifornia, USA
Project DateNov 2016
Project Size3404 m2 (0.84 acres)
Drone Phantom 3
Pattern of flightOblique
Number of Images40
Accuracybetter than 5 cm (0.173 ft)
DatuSurvey savings1 field hour instead of 7 hours using conventional methods
6 office hours instead of 14 hours

Project Description

QK needed to survey a city Park in Fresno for the re-design of the wading-pool area.

The estimated effort using conventional surveying techniques was:

  • 7 field hours using Total Station
  • 14 office hours to create Topographic map

Data Acquisition

Acquiring images

DJI Phantom 3 drone with DatuFlyTM app was used, allowing for quick, precise and easy image capturing. Flight duration was 6 min in an altitude of 109 ft. (33m).

Resolution was 2.4cm/pixel.


Acquiring Ground Control Points

6 points were used as Ground Control Points.

6 additional points were used as Check Points, to detect the accuracy of the project.

Achieved Results

3D CAD model in DXF format was created. It included the area topography and park’s constructions that were generated by drafting directly on the images using DatuSurveyTM.

True orthophoto and dense point cloud were generated.

A point file, including names, codes, descriptions and coordinates of all new points was generated. Overall, more than 180 new points were drafted directly on the images.

The measurement accuracy of all the points was better than 5 cm (0.173 ft.) in 3D coordinates.

The results were exported to Civil3D software to create a Topo Map.

DatuSurvey Enterprise Outputs

True Orthophoto


Generation time: 30 min

Dense Point Cloud


Generation time: 15 min

Cad Data


Orthophoto with CAD data



Topo Map in Civil3D