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    In preparation for Datumate’s webinar, the marketing team interviewed John Myler, Assistant Construction Manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to gain a little more insight into PennDOT’s culture since they’ve been making waves in the world of transportation and construction technology. With its pioneering e-ticketing system, plans for complete digitization by 2025, and exploration of RFID tags, PennDOT is leading the way in technological advancements in the transportation sector. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the Federal Highway Administration and the NASHTO Subcommittee recognizing the Department’s achievements and sharing their successes nationwide. “What sets PennDOT apart is its progressive culture that embraces innovation from top to bottom, making it a role model for other transportation agencies,” says Myler. PennDOT is truly at the forefront of technological innovation in transportation, and the future has already arrived. 

    The Future is Now: Pennsylvania’s DOT is Leading in Technological Innovation 

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is a shining example of an agency continuously looking to leverage technology for operational efficiency and improvement. Let’s delve into the innovative initiatives that sets PennDOT apart. 

    Taking Charge of E-Ticketing 

    PennDOT has been deeply involved with e-ticketing since 2017, spearheading its application throughout the state. This digital journey saw the Department developing specialized e-ticketing specifications for their statewide operations.  

    Their successful implementation didn’t go unnoticed, with PennDOT’s leadership on e-ticketing being recognized by the Federal Highway Administration’s EDC6 e-ticketing team. The team has been sharing PennDOT’s triumphs nationally, demonstrating Pennsylvania’s commitment to lead on the technology front. 

    Eyeing Digital Delivery in 2025 

    The Department isn’t resting on its laurels. In a bid to further digitize its operations, PennDOT is planning to go completely digital by 2025. The move seeks to ensure that all plans will be digitally delivered. 

    This marks a significant paradigm shift that compels the Department to rethink its methods – if designs are handed in digitally, how does it translate to field operations? How do inspectors use these digital models and plans? As they grapple with these questions, this is an exciting time for PennDOT.  

    Working with RFID Tags 

    Alongside these bold digital initiatives, the Department has also embarked on an STIC-funded effort to investigate the utility of RFID tags in construction. Assessment of this technology and its potential benefits across various agency divisions, like maintenance, showcases PennDOT’s dexterity in identifying potential game-changers. 

    The Department’s goal with all these initiatives has been its ability to share and gather real-time information to bring about significant success and streamline operations. 

    Scaling National Heights of Tech Innovation 

    So how does PennDOT fare on the tech-innovation scale in the national sphere? Based on its membership in the AASHTO Subcommittee for Innovative Construction Technologies, it’s safe to say that Pennsylvania figures within the top five nationwide. 

    This position enables Pennsylvania to share and gain insights on innovative practices from around the country, adding priceless value to their work at home. It creates a conducive environment for mutual growth, with states sharing their best practices and collectively learning from missteps.  

    Implementing DatuBIM 

    It’s no surprise, based on PennDOT’s culture of innovation, that they were interested in piloting a platform like DatuBIM on numerous different types of projects to see how this technology would help their project managers better utilize their survey data and monitor the construction progress on their job sites. Datumate is extremely proud to be a partner of PennDOT and looks forward to implementing some of their feedback into our platform to make it even better for PennDOT and DatuBIM’s user base. 

    PennDOT’s Successful Adoption 

    One might wonder what PennDOT’s secret is to successful tech adoption. “The answer lies in an open mindset, right from the top leadership to the grassroots level. PennDOT’s progressive culture champions curiosity and innovation, making it conducive for technological degradation,” says Myler.  

    In this digital transformation age, PennDOT embodies the spirit of technological innovation, and they’re eager to lead the way, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for a Department of Transportation. Their holistic approach to e-ticketing, digital delivery, and RFID technology sets a leading example among DOTs in Pennsylvania and around the country. Truly, the future of technology in transportation has arrived, and it’s happening in Pennsylvania.