Mapping the Future: An Exclusive Webinar with Dr. Jad Jarroush on DatuBIM Innovations

This webinar aims to explore the innovative journey of Dr. Jad Jarroush, the founder of Datumate, focusing on the development of DatuBIM. The session will delve into the origins and advancements of DatuBIM, providing attendees with deep insights into both the technological progression and practical applications of this cutting-edge mapping technology.


  • Troy Parkinson, SagePresence (LinkedIn)


  • Dr. Jad Jarroush, Founder of Datumate (LinkedIn) –

    Jad Jarroush, Founder and CTO of Datumate, is a specialist in Mapping & Geo-Information Engineering and Building Information Modelling and oversees all scientific and technological aspects of the company.

    Prior to Datumate, Jad co-founded and managed two companies: Geo-Point, a company specializing in GIS, cadaster, mapping and geo-information; and P2C, a BIM management company that provides services from the planning through to the construction stages of projects. Before that, Jad served as head geomatics consultant for Ofek Aerial Photography, a global leader in aerial and satellite photogrammetry.

    Jad brings with him vast experience as a surveyor, civil engineer and consultant, and served as chief surveyor in several of Israel’s largest engineering projects. He used to be a consultant to Survey of Israel, Israel’s government agency for mapping, geodesy, cadaster and geoinformatics, and led some of the pioneering construction projects in Israel in the infrastructure construction domain.
    Jad earned his PhD in Mapping and Geo-Information Engineering and his Civil Engineering degree from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. Jad volunteers for public charities and believes that any investment in the community has a positive return.

Who Should Attend:

  • GIS Experts seeking the horizon of their field
  • Civil Engineers craving groundbreaking precision
  • Construction Project Managers eager for transformative efficiency
  • Surveyors who aim to mark every detail
  • Tech Enthusiasts passionate about the next leap in mapping and BIM

What You’ll Gain:

  • Unveil the roots and rise of DatuBIM’s journey
  • Engage with Dr. Jarroush’s rich insights on mapping technology
  • Learn practical applications transforming construction and planning
  • Connect with like-minded professionals and experts

Webinar Journey:

  • Intro by Troy Parkinson: Setting the scene for innovation
  • In-Depth Interview: Unscripted revelations and expertise exchange
  • Live Q&A: Your curiosity, directly addressed
  • Final Takeaways: Essential summary and follow-up resources

Why This Is Unmissable:

  • Exclusive Insights: Dr. Jarroush’s vision and technical wisdom at your fingertips
  • Real-World Applications: Learn how to elevate your projects with DatuBIM
  • Interactive Session: Your chance to ask the burning questions
  • Post-Event Perks: Webinar recording and a treasure of additional resources

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