Learn how turn your aerial drone data into accurate construction data analytics for heavy civil projects

The rising popularity and increasing availability of drones is changing the construction industry, making it much easier and more efficient to map and track the progress of critical infrastructure projects like roads and railways. 

That said, the quality of the provided drone mapping is directly related to the set-up and preparation process.

Moreover, the ability to capture and store construction site data using drones is just the beginning of the story – especially in the case of complex civil construction projects.

Such projects require specialized infrastructure project management tools such as DatuBIM.

In our on-demand webinar, you will learn about: 

  • Drone trends and usage in construction
  • Best practices for drone mapping in linear construction projects 
  • The importance of multisource data in digital construction
  • From aerial mapping to digital as-built models
  • Using a digital diary for recording construction site progress from design to delivery
  • Deviation analysis – clash detection, as-built vs. design, visual inspections
  • Progress tracking – monitoring of work progress and quality

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