Datumate’s core competency is rooted in a team of construction experts and high-tech professionals. Datumate is a Construction-Tech company that promotes innovation and digital transformation in the construction market.

Datumate University will give you the tools and know-how to utilize state of the art technologies in your survey work. Join our experts in one of the up-coming webinars to learn more.

Upcoming Webinars:


TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Datumate University - Accurate 3D CAD Data from Drone Images
Learn how to generate accurate 3D CAD data directly from the images. In this webinar we will review the key feature Measure & Draw and generate accurate 3D CAD data directly on raw 2D images. Also, we will cover how to digitize curbs, fences, parking lots and any other man-made objects relevant for As-Build and Topographic Map. Using Datumate's solutions, you will learn technics for quick and efficient digitization of electric lines, cables and other fine objects – type of objects that don’t appear in standard point clouds.

Jan 29, 201910:00 EST1 hour
Datumate Solutions Overview & Demo
From automated drone mapping to high-precision outputs, Datumate’s photogrammetry software tools save costly field and office time, cut down operational expenses and achieve the most accurate results. Join a live demo session with our pre-sales engineers and geomatics experts to learn about Datumate's end-to-end solution, key features, functionalities, range of products (DatuFly™, DatuSurvey™ and DatuSite™), case studies and Q&A session at the end.
Feb 5, 201910:00 EST1 hour
Datumate University - Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) Using Drones
Learn how to use our latest tool – DTM. Convert point cloud into Ground Surface with smart morphological filter – set parameters to remove trees, vehicles, houses and more. Calculate volume based on terrain only directly in the software and export the surface for CAD to finalize topographic map generation.
Feb 12, 201910:00 EST1 hour