Become an FAA Certified Pilot and Conduct Drone Surveys!


Datumate is pleased to offer an exclusive 360° Aerial Surveying Bundle for geospatial professionals. Utilize the bundle’s components in becoming a certified UAV Pilot, fly aerial survey missions and transform the images into precise, survey-grade models and maps.
This unique bundle includes:


DatuSurvey™ is the only photogrammetry software designed for professional construction and land surveying users.  With its fast learning curve, DatuSurvey™ mimics the traditional surveying workflow, providing high-precision survey-grade models and maps as well as enabling significant cost savings and a safe and shortened work process.


Datumate’s exclusive 360° Aerial Surveying Enterprise Bundle is available at $8,500.  

Make sure to redeem this offer by September 30th, 2017.

Please contact us to receive additional information regarding this unique offer (additional packages are available).



Learn about some of the DatuSurvey™ features
  • Automated process from image taking to maps, models and reports
  • Draft objects and make measurements directly on your images
  • Measure distance and area in 3D models (vectors and point clouds)
  • Generate Dense Point Clouds and Orthophotos only of the areas that you want to focus on
  • 3D model generation for CAD software and Dense Point Cloud visualization in mesh and texture
  • Creation of 3D points with codes and descriptions and Polylines and polygons in CAD layers
  • Survey-Grade Accuracy (better than 2 cm)
  • Ground Control Point Support
  • Run Instant stockpile volume calculation
  • Generate Dense Point Clouds
  • True Orthophoto
  • Run a ground photo-shoot for small jobs
  • Automatically associate all the images
  • Easily geo-reference images with just a few control points
  • Use image GPS data for more accurate models and more reliable linkage. Visualize images in a map view
  • Export your drafting using multiple file types including ENH, NEH, DXF, PLY, OBJ, PDF, LAS, PNG, GTIFF
  • Generate PDF reports and export control points in plain text