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DatuSite™ Sample Job

Sample Job for you to learn from. Step by Step.

Sometimes the best way to learn a new software is to go over sample data and projects. Here we give you access to data of a stockpile measurement project. 

Stockpile Measurement

Project Information

Description Stockpile Measurement
Location Yokneam, Israel
Area Covered 18 acres (270m x270m)
Number of GCPs 32
Accuracy Better than 1 cm (0.032 ft)

Image Acquisition

UAV DJI Phantom 3 Pro
Camera 12 megapixel FC300X
Mission Planning 1 flight, Vertical
Flight Altitude 123m (403ft)
Number of images 55
Image size 4000 x 3000


Complete Job
Point Cloud
Textured Mesh
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