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Your goals are clear: You are looking for innovation;  you want to make your construction company more profitable and your teams more efficient. New technology, like remote construction management, can benefit you, but at what price?

In this webinar, we discussed what it takes to ensure construction technology comes with a positive ROI, including practical considerations to calculate your ROI. 

This webinar covers: 

  • What to look for in short-term and long-term ROI;
  • Why innovation is a process and not software; 
  • How the number of stakeholders impacts your ROI; 
  • What’s the ROI of the DatuBIM Construction Data Analytics platform

For decades the global construction industry has seen a productivity stagnation. Digital technologies are frequently hailed as game-changers. In practice, however, the benefits of implementation are not always realized, nor is the true value gained from digitization.

Pell Frischmann and Datumate came together to discuss common challenges, opportunities, and real benefits.

This webinar covers: 

  • Old and new challenges in UK highway construction sector;
  • Why ignoring technologies comes with a price tag;
  • Transitioning towards Highway England’s Connected & Autonomous Plant (CAP) roadmap;
  • The use of as-built digital representations for progress monitoring;
  • and DatuBIM Construction Data Analytics platform, the insights it delivers and use cases for higher efficiency it drives

Many utility providers are looking for more transparency and accountability in managing their construction projects. To improve visibility and supervision, Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, turned to DatuBIM and digital site monitoring.

Watch this webinar to hear from Gil Applebaum, Reservoirs Engineer at Mekorot, as he discusses the goals and results of using DatuBIM in their construction project.

This webinar features Mekorot’s real-world use cases of DatuBIM and practical discussions, such as:

  • Leveraging as-built digital twins for progress monitoring, visual inspections, quality control and supervision
  • Gaining insights from DatuBIM reports about earthwork tracking, volume calculations, land encroachment, and many more
  • How to stay connected, productive, and safe with the help of digital monitoring?
  • What does it take to build your team’s trust in new technology?

Learn how DatuBIM enables construction companies to remotely monitor delivery progress.

Hear about and see, how DatuBIM can increase your effectiveness, improve collaboration and give your company a competitive advantage.

See for yourself how easy it is with DatuBIM to:

  • Automatically generate accurate and up-to-date digital twins of the as-built
  • Use the platform for visualization of work progress and digital inspection
  • Run calculations and remote tracking of volumes, earthwork, and materials
  • Share insights across teams and shareholders
  • And much more…

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