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Datumate is pleased to announce a new Combo release that includes new versions of DatuSurvey™ and DatuFly™.

Datumate is pleased to announce a new Combo release that includes new versions of DatuSurvey™ and DatuFly™. The new DatuFly™ release enables users to capture x 3 more images in a single flight for covering wider areas, while DatuSurvey™ enhancements offer unique 2D vectorized measurements and 3D point cloud quality. In addition, the new release provides significant speed, scale and usability improvements, designed to make the user’s workflow even more flawless, efficient and accurate.

The Combo release main features are:

  • Wider Area Coverage in a Single Flight – traditional image capturing by a drone is taken in a “stop and go mode”. DatuFly™ achieves  x3 more images in a single drone flight, capturing high-resolution, non-blurred  images while the drone is in motion. Utilizing the DJI Phantom 4 Pro mechanical shutter camera, it is now possible to capture unblurred high-resolution images for the perfect models and maps creation.
DatuFly new release
  • Much Faster Image Loading – x10 faster new images loading as well as existing job re-opening
  • Enhanced Linkage Process – Linkage process was significantly improved to yield higher success rates in linking all images into one model (cluster), resulting in faster model delivery and better accuracy
  • Enhanced Point Cloud Quality – Dense point cloud and Orthophoto qualities were significantly improved
Texture PC Tilted
  • Much Better User Experience – Switching between workflow tabs and between images is faster (x10 and more) and smoother. This allows more effective use of the software, saving users’ time
  • DJI Mavic Pro Camera Support – Added the DJI’s Mavic Pro camera to the list of calibrated cameras supported by the software
  • Other Improvements –  Higher reliability and improved backup and recovery process. Generate full backup before and after long processes, as well as timed backup while adding control points, new points, and topo points 

Click here to learn more about DatuSurvey™.

To schedule a live demo, click here.

Datumate Marketing Team

Datumate Marketing Team

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