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DatuSurvey Software

Cut operating costs without sacrificing accuracy

DatuSurvey boosts office productivity while reducing expensive and risky fieldwork.

Transform aerial and ground photography into accurate, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models through automated, intuitive processes. 

Accelerate projects of all sizes by drafting objects and taking measurements directly on images.

Enjoy multiple outputs, including DTM, mesh models and projections on 2D planes, as well as orthophoto, volume calculation, point cloud, and 3D texture.

Empower your business with innovation

  • QUICK & AUTOMATED PROCESS - Accelerate turnaround from image taking to maps, models and reports.
  • HIGH PRECISION MAP GENERATION - No compromises on precision! Generate 1:100 scale maps and reach Sub 3cm or 2” accuracy.
  • AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE TOPO-POINTS - Reconstruct a 3D model with automatically generated topo-points. Ideal for stockpiles and topographic surveys.
  • SCALE-REFERENCE volumetric projects using meter measurements
  • VERTICAL & OBLIQUE IMAGES SUPPORT - Get optimal results in diverse job types
  • HYBRID IMAGE PROCESSING - Combine air & ground photos in your job.
Datumate - DatuSurvey
  • Dense Point Cloud generation and visualization
  • True Orthophoto export
  • Point cloud projection on 2D planes
  • Automated job type identification
  • Integrated with DatuFly, a professional Imagery App for Drones
  • Ground photo-shooting for small jobs
  • Automatically associates all images using state-of-the-art image processing technology
  • High precision map generation – 1:250 scale maps
  • Supports vertical and oblique images for optimal results in diverse job types
  • Easily define or import/export your codes
  • Automatically generates a sparse points cloud
  • Quickly geo-reference using just a few control points
  • Use Image GPS data for more accurate models and more reliable linkage. Project images can be visualized in a map view
  • Scale-reference volumetric and architectural projects using meter measurements
  • Draft objects and make measurements directly on your images
  • Automatically generate topo-points and reconstruct a 3D model. Ideal for stockpiles and topographic surveys
  • Export your drafting using multiple file types including ENH, NEH, DXF, PLY, PDF, LAS, PNG, GTIFF
  • Generate PDF reports and export control points in plain text
  • Chinese language support
  • Available as time-based license or perpetual license, single user or network license
  • Available as professional or enterprise software package

DatuSite™ software is designed to work on common office PCs and standard laptops.

Operating System Windows 7 (64-bit) Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional
Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Enterprise or Professional
Windows 10 (64-bit) Enterprise or Professional
CPU Minimum: Intel core i5 or equivalent
Recommended: i7
CPU RAM Minimum: 16GB RAM
Recommended: 32GB RAM
Hard Disk Minimum: 40GB SSD of free space for every 250 20MP images project
Recommended: 60GB SSD of free space for every 250 20MP images project
Screen / Graphics Card Display Resolution: at least 1600×900 with True Color
Recommended: 1920×1080

Minimum: NVidia 750 GTX
Recommended: NVidia 1070 GTX
Connectivity Internet connection for installation, activation and upgrades
Compatibility DXF file formats: DXF 2006 onwards

Fast, intuitive and accurate

See how your peers use DatuSurvey in diverse projects

A14 Road and Railway Intersection Surveying for SKANSKA

As part of the UK’s A14 improvement scheme which is one of the UK’s largest road projects, it was required to map a busy A14 highway junction including a highway intersection and a railway line. The complex mapping included multiple infrastructure layers (bridge, road and railway line) as well as an accurate snapshot of the surrounding buildings to avoid future damage claims during road reconstruction work.

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Quantity Check Surveying

Courts at Clarksburg is an area that is being prepared for building homes. The area surveyed is an open area where infrastructure work has been done. The objective of this project is to survey the area to check the level of filled slab areas in an effort to compare it to the planned levels. And also to check quantities of cut and fill needed to finish the prep work.

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residential surveying

Residential Community Surveying

The objective of this project is to survey a residential area and detect changes in structures for property taxation purposes. The area surveyed included about 50 houses which were clearly shown on an orthophoto and as a dense point cloud as well.

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Survey of Baseball Stadium

Baseball Stadium Surveying

Doppler radar is being implemented in baseball and softball venues around the world to track the trajectory of pitched and hit balls. All physical obstructions that are within the azimuth of the Doppler radar field of view were identified using the model.

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Choose your perfect plan

DatuSurvey™ comes with flexible pricing options. 

DatuSurvey Enterprise
Monthly Plan

30 Days Subscription Plan
$ 350 Per Month
  • Unlimited Processing
  • Upgrades Included
  • Support Included

DatuSurvey Enterprise Annual Plan

365 Days Subscription Plan
$ 3,500 Per Year
  • Unlimited Processing
  • Upgrades Included
  • Support Included

DatuSurvey Enterprise
Perpetual Plan

Perpetual Desktop License
$ 7,900 Yours Forever
  • Unlimited Processing
  • Upgrades Included for 1 Year
  • Support Included for 1 Year
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