Professional aerial photogrammetry software for land surveying, construction and infrastructure projects

DatuFly™ Key Features

  • Plan the job using a friendly, wizard type, tablet application, using Mapbox maps

  • Easily mark the area of interest for survey

  • Select the desired final output for best results: 2D, 2.5D, 3D, volume calculation, as built plans, etc.

  • Flight and photo-shooting optimization based on job type, such as topography, stockpiles, roads, intersections, properties, etc.

  • Vertical and oblique photo shooting

  • Automatically generate survey profile (waypoint coordinate, elevation, imaging aspect)

  • Monitor mission progress information such as flight time, flight distance, required number of batteries, and number of way points

  • Auto/Semi-automatic flight mode

  • Safety wizards and pre-flight checks

  • Auto return to base for battery exchange and resume from where left off

  • English and Chinese interface

  • Multiple drone support

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system requirements


Ipad 2.0 and up

Operating system:

iOS 11.0 or later