Getting Started with DatuSurvey™

Thank you for choosing DatuSurvey™, the comprehensive set of professional imaging and mapping tools for Construction, Surveying, Infrastructure and Inspection markets.

To start experiencing DatuSurvey™, please follow these steps:

Download and Install

  1. Download DatuSurvey™

English version  

Chinese version

  1. Install DatuSurvey™ by following the on-screen instructions.


  1. Run DatuSurvey™, the Activation License form will open.

  2. Click on Activation Request and enter your Name, Company Name, Email and Telephone.

  3. Select  Full (Single) or Network in the license type section, according to the purchased product.

  4. Enter your license ID in the Activation License Request.

  5. Click on Send Request button.

  6. For Network license, Datumate Support will contact you within 24 hours and do the activation process on your LAN network.

  7. For Full (single) license, the activation file (.v2c) will be sent to the email address you provided (as an attachment) within 24 hours.

  8. Once email is received, save the activation file on your computer and Run DatuSurvey™ (formerly DatuGram™3D).

  9. When Activation License window is opened, click on the Load Activation File button, browse and select the Activation File.


Start experiencing your DatuSurvey™ !

Whether you have an urgent problem or a simple question, we’re here to help