Dec 08,2016

Datumate Introduces New DatuFly™ Drone App Release 

Datumate is pleased to introduce a new version of DatuFly™  drone app for  iOS with industry-specific capabilities for Surveying and Construction companies.

DatuFly drone app for uav mapping and surveying


The new version of DatuFly™ drone app now also includes:

  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone support
  • Zenmuse X3 and X5 cameras support
  • DJI Matrice 600 drone support
  • Speed control for vertical missions
  • Automatic takeoff and landing are now optional
  • More flexible control of mission altitude
  • Control of the camera angle for oblique missions
  • Chinese localization
  • Additional features



DatuFly™ drone app is a simple and intuitive plan-and fly-mobile application used to control specific models of drones. The application is used to define flight missions around an area of interest allowing the user to customize image-taking parameters based on the type of area to be photographed and the type of output the user wishes to obtain.

DatuFly™ is specifically designed for professional surveying, construction and infrastructure mapping. The DatuFly™ tablet app optimizes flight and image capturing per job type. The image-taking plan is executed based on DatuSurvey™ or DatuSite™ best practice requirements, for easy linkage, geo-referencing and 3D models creation.

The DatuFly™ application is used in conjunction with the various DatuSurvey™ or DatuSite™ software packages and plans image-taking flight missions in a way the DatuSurvey™ or DatuSite™  will easily be able to associate the images in order to generate the desired output. DatuFly™ is capable of different types of flight missions for taking images including oblique images with a centered point of interest as well as vertical images for scanning larger areas of interest.

For each image to be taken, DatuFly™ automatically calculates the 3D coordinates of the position of the drone, hence the camera mounted on the drone, and it also calculates the gimbal pitch angle. Based on the number of images needed to cover the area of interest, DatuFly™ automatically calculates the time needed to complete the mission, as well as the number of drone batteries needed.

When the planned mission is executed, the application detects and reports the battery charge levels of the drone and the controller, and automatically returns to the home point when a battery is about to expire. This allows the user to replace the battery and continue the flight mission from where it left off. As a result, DatuFly™ streamlines and accelerates the field work process needed for capturing the necessary images.