Oct 17,2016

Datumate Slashes Costs in Civil Engineering and Inspection Projects

Interview with Datumate's VP Strategy & Product, published in SuperbCrew.

Datumate is automating the entire field-to-plan process through a comprehensive set of professional, survey grade tools. Datumate’s software increases the productivity and quality of the numerous worldwide customers using it today for surveys of roads & intersections, stockpile volumes, topography, piping and more. Below is our interview with Itay Segev, VP Product & Strategy at Datumate:

Q: Tell us something more about the company and your core competence?

A: Datumate is revolutionizing the civil engineering field-to-plan process used in the construction, surveying, infrastructure and inspection markets, with fully automated, highly accurate, cost effective and safe tools. Datumate utilizes state-of-the-art image-processing and advanced drones and camera technologies that dramatically reduce the amount of time surveying crews spend in the field, speed up construction progress checks and shorten infrastructure inspection duration, while maintaining survey grade accuracy.

The automated field-to-plan process is simple, quick and accurate:

  • Photoshoot the area of interest using DatuFly app and/or from ground.
  • Measure ground control points or distances to reference your images (Optional).
  • Use DatuGram3D to automatically create 2D and 3D models and working plans.

Datumate core competency is rooted in a team of experienced construction and surveying professionals.

We bring innovation and multiple technologies integration to a practical and cost effective A-Z solution that can be used in the field by professionals from different Civil Engineering and inspections domains.

Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of DatuFly?

A: DatuFly™ is a professional, yet user friendly, wizard type tablet app for effortless drone flight planning and automated flight execution with high resolution photo-shooting. DatuFly™ brings the visualization and analytics of the site of interest to the end user in the office. DatuFly™ app saves up to 80% of the time crews spend in the field and significantly reduces follow-up survey, minimizing operational costs.

DatuFly™ features are targeted to achieve best results:

  • An Intuitive user interface guides the operator through simple and quick planning steps.
  • Autonomous flight and photoshooting, including vertical or oblique photography, optimized per job type, such as topography, stockpiles, roads and more.
  • Safety wizards and pre-flight checks that ensure drone’s and operators’ safety and successful mission completion.
  • Constant mission progress on the tablet screen.
  • Large and various projects supported – Multiple battery drone operation, resuming flight and photo-shooting from the point left off.
  • Progressive Analytics and Inspection – Projects storage and re-execution over time to find variations.

DatuFly™ app cuts field surveying time, speeds up construction progress checks and shortens infrastructure inspections duration.

Q: What makes Datumate a good choice?

A: We are a team combined of Civil Engineering – Geomatics and Technology innovation experts.

Datumate is automating the entire field-to-plan process through a comprehensive set of professional, survey grade tools. Datumate solutions generate significant time savings, cut down operational costs and yields faster results for multitude of construction, surveying, infrastructure and inspection projects. And above all, it keeps field crews safe.

Our intuitive, simple and automated tools already increase productivity in numerous worldwide projects of roads, intersections, stockpile volumes, topography, piping, industrial facilities, bridges, property surveys, building facades, railways, utilities infrastructure and more.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your software DatuGram3D?

A: DatuGram™3D is an intuitive, survey-grade, software that uses real and ground images to create high precision 2D and 3D models. DatuGram™3D photogrammetry office software automates and shortens work process, saving up to 30% office time, without compromising accuracy.

It’s the only software in the market that enables the user to extract analytics, draw and measure directly on Imagery as well as on Point-cloud models.
DatuGram™3D intuitive interface follows daily surveying workflows, using 5 simple steps:

  • Automated image upload & link that support hybrid of vertical & oblique images taken from air and ground, for optimal results in diverse job types
  • Geo-referencing using just few control points or scale-referencing of volumetric and architectural projects using meter measurements. Topographic-points are automatically generated and a 3D model is reconstructed
  • Measuring & drawing objects directly on images
  • Reviewing and adjusting plan using an intuitive color-coded scheme
  • Viewing variety of outputs models including 3D model, sparse cloud, volume calculation , dense point cloud and more and exporting plan to any CAD software

Datumate photogrammetry software was awarded the “Most Innovative Product of GeoForm”, wining over new products and technologies of numerous incumbent vendors.

Q: What can we expect from you in next six months?

A: We will further expand our offering for the construction infrastructure and infrastructure inspection markets with additional measurements models and analytics capabilities.

We will launch additional professional tools and cloud services to extend our customers’ offerings and boost their productivity.