Oct 11,2018

10 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solutions - Datumate

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Mar 29,2018

Datumate's BIM Services to Deutsche Bahn

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Nov 20,2017

New Datumate Release - Version 5.3

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Oct 30,2017

Datumate Helps Enterprise Companies Make Sense of Drone Data

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Oct 25,2017

Missouri University of Science and Technology Adds Datumate’s Professional Surveying and Mapping Suite to Geoscience studies

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Oct 16,2017

GISCafe Interview with Datumate - InterGeo 2017

Tal Meirzon, Datumate CEO, and Sanjay Gangal from GISCafe, are talking about Datumate and DatuBIM at InterGeo 2017
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Sep 26,2017

Datumate Announces DatuBIM - A Field Data Analytics Cloud Platform Designed for Construction Infrastructure Projects

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Sep 05,2017

Datumate recognized by CIOReview magazine as one of the 20 most promising construction technology solution providers for 2017

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Aug 01,2017


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Jun 18,2017

What Is Survey-Grade Accuracy in Close-Range Photogrammetry Software, and Why It Can’t Be Achieved With the Point Cloud Technology?

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Jun 06,2017

DatuSite™ - Drone Mapping and 3D Modeling Solution - is Released Online

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May 20,2017

Datumate Releases New DatuSurvey™ & DatuSite™ Versions (5.1.3)

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Feb 16,2017

Colorado DOT Has Adopted Datumate's Advanced Mapping Tools

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Feb 10,2017

DJI and Datumate Launch Designated Site Survey Solution Bundles for Field Construction, Surveying and Infrastructure Inspection

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Feb 02,2017

Datumate Releases New DatuSurvey™ Version

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Dec 08,2016

Datumate Introduces New DatuFly™ Drone App Release 

Datumate is pleased to introduce a new version of DatuFly™ , the professional App for Drones.

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Dec 06,2016

DJI and Datumate Interview and INTERGEO 2016

Tal Meirzon, Datumate CEO, and Jan Gasparic, DJI Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, are talking about Site Survey Solution at Intergeo 2016
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Nov 01,2016

Datumate Announces Designated Solutions for Surveying and Construction Companies

October 31th 2016 – Datumate expands its photogrammetry software and drone app portfolio aimed at targeted needs of Construction, Surveying and Infrastructure companies worldwide. The comprehensive Site Survey Solution includes professional imagery and mapping tools to quickly generate an automated flight plan and geo-referenced 3D image-plain model as well as detailed site visualization and analytics.
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Oct 17,2016

Datumate Slashes Costs in Civil Engineering and Inspection Projects

Datumate is automating the entire field-to-plan process through a comprehensive set of professional, survey grade tools. Datumate’s software increases the productivity and quality of the numerous worldwide customers using it today for surveys of roads & intersections, stockpile volumes, topography, piping and more.
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Oct 11,2016

DJI and Datumate Partner to Deliver Site Survey Solution

Yoqneam Israel - Shenzen China, October 11th 2016 – DJI and Datumate have begun offering a drone, software and app package that fully automates and expedites site surveys.
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Sep 06,2016

Datumate Unveils a Professional Imagery App for Drones

YOQNEAM, Israel, Sept. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Datumate, a market leader of automated "Field-to-Plan" solutions that save costly field and office time, is pleased to announce a new tablet app for effortless drone flight planning and automated, high resolution photo-shooting. DatuFly™ app saves up to 80% of field surveying time and eliminates follow-up site visits.
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