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Our new, lower prices go hand in hand with new capabilities!

Used in construction, surveying or inspection projects, the adoption of aerial photogrammetry is rapidly advancing. Are you still lagging behind? Give your company the competitive edge it deserves with DatuSurvey™ Enterprise, now rolled out with new, great features and at an attractive, lower pricing. DatuSurvey expanded its scope from a single surveyor’s tool to a robust surveying and mapping software for organizations with multi-site operations.  

With savings up to 30% compared to previous prices, you can now harness the power of software providing intuitive workflows, ensuring survey-grade accuracy, and designed especially for land surveyors and geospatial professionals. CHECK OUT OUR NEW PRICING NOW!
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New Capabilities Making DatuSurvey More Enterprise-Ready Than Ever 

With technical advances allowing us to lower prices, we keep on striving to give a stellar experience to our customers and deliver high value by adding new features:

 Higher Efficiency with Enhanced Multi-User Access
Running via WANs, organizations with multi-users at distributed geographical locations are now fully supported. No need to install a licenses server or deal with firewall configurations. In addition, we made transferring licenses between computers easier than ever.
 Datumate customers can now achieve high accuracy automatically using DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drones and reduce or eliminate totally the labor work of ground control points (GCP) placement in the field. 
Work with confidence with our enhanced Texture Model View:  DatuSurvey™ now provides clear preview of texture models in the View & Export tab.  With both, DatuSurvey™ and our free app DatuFly™, you can now leverage the superb features of DJI Mavic 2 Pro, able to capture 20-megapixel aerial shots in remarkable color detail. 


Move your business forward by downloading our 14-days trial and experience DatuSurvey™ in action.


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