DatuBIM’s Role in the Successful Operations of the Loop 12 Project

Webber, part of the global construction leader Ferrovial, has established a history of delivering successful projects by incorporating both traditional and cutting-edge construction methodologies. With a dedicated in-house engineering services and BIM technology, Webber effectively addresses complex project challenges, ensuring efficiency and quality. 

Main benefits

Time savings

Enhanced visibility and quality control

Improved collaboration

Project Overview

The ambitious Loop 12 project in Irving, Texas, encompassed the construction of two significant interchanges, including 32 bridges and nine miles of connecting roadway. The extensive bridge work and diverse project phases necessitated meticulous planning and coordination. 


  • Orchestrating a multifaceted project with more than 40 distinct phases. 
  • Efficiently coordinating construction activities and traffic flow throughout the project zones. 
  • Ensuring precise measurements for crane placement and beam installation within tight spaces. 

Implementation of DatuBIM Software

  • Migrating from the previous system to DatuBIM provided an enhanced user experience with more sophisticated measurement tools. 
  • The software’s updated aerial images and precision measurement capabilities helped project coordination. 
  • DatuBIM facilitated detailed pre-planning for crane placements and critical operations, reducing the dependency on in-field measurements.



  • Enhanced coordination during weekly subcontractor meetings, leading to better resource and space utilization. 
  • The accuracy of DatuBIM’s models reduced the need for physical measurements, streamlining planning and verification processes. 
  • DatuBIM became a highly beneficial tool for project management, as it enabled comprehensive visual planning during coordination meetings. 


  • DatuBIM adapted to Webber’s feedback by refining bridge data presentations, avoiding information clutter. 
  • Performance enhancements were made to the platform, enabling the handling of complex data sets with minimal lag, crucial for 3D model visualization. 
  • Continuous feedback from Webber led to tailored improvements in DatuBIM’s functionality to meet the project’s evolving needs. 



The work of DatuBIM on Loop 12 stands out as a remarkable example of its transformative impact on managing complex, heavy civil construction projects. The software’s ability to facilitate detailed planning, accurate measurements, and improved coordination among stakeholders played a helpful role in the project’s successful progression and ultimate completion. 


Future Recommendations 

  • Frequent updates to aerial imagery to reflect the most current site conditions for ongoing planning. 
  • Increase in user licenses to allow broader team access to DatuBIM, facilitating hands-on involvement and learning, resulting in time savings, quality improvement and better collaboration among all stakeholders. 


Loop 12 project in Irvine Texas