Feb 23,2017

Increasing Construction and Earthmoving Efficiency

Earthmoving operations include procedures such as surveying, staking, excavating, hauling, filling, and compacting. These procedures involve expensive heavy equipment and manpower and should be executed while minimizing waste in order to stay on budget. Traditionally, planning and performance of conventional earthmoving systems have been dependent on the skills and experience of site managers, equipment operators and surveyors. It involved time-consuming and potentially unsafe pile climbing with measurement instrument.  Planning errors resulted in rework which is expensive, time-consuming and unproductive.

Successful, on-time, earthmoving operations greatly impacts the sequence and schedule of the remaining parts of a project. As such, improving their efficiency is a primary target. Recent technologies, such as UAV photoshooting and photogrammetry software, enable easy and precise mapping and volume/area calculations for efficient execution of earthmoving procedures that unlocks substantial savings.

An Automated, End-to-End Solution for Construction and Earthmoving Mapping and Estimations

Datumate’s Site Survey Solution is a professional surveying suite for construction and infrastructure mapping. This comprehensive set of imaging and mapping tools has everything construction companies need to automate surveying process, expedite deliveries and boost productivity:

  • DJI drone
  • DatuFly - A professional imagery app for automating and optimizing flight and image capturing per job type. Datufly™ app plans an efficient circular route with shortened flight duration and optimal amount of images using oblique photoshooting plan, yielding smaller number of images and resulting in higher accuracy model than vertical images.stockpile & UAV
  • DatuSite™ - Photogrammetry software that turns UAV based photoshooting to digital maps and brings sophisticated, high precision 3D tools for calculating cuts and fills, and presenting multi-color, 3D maps. DatuSite™ leverages the deep understanding and geodetic and construction expertise to generate high precision 3D models, maps and calculations, increasing efficiency and preventing errors and saving costs.

With Site Survey Solution, earthmoving planning and calculations can be completed in less than 1 hour! No need for an internet connection nor cloud connectivity. It’s quick. It’s easy and it’s accurate. Excavation contractors can dramatically reduce their tracing time, calculate more accurate measures and win more bids.

Textured point cloud

Increase Accuracy and Productivity

Accurate volume calculation prevents expensive and time-consuming rework. Through state-of-the-art image processing of oblique photos, Site Survey Solution maintains high measurement precision of better than 2cm (0.06ft.) in both position and elevation.

We’ve tested our accuracy vs. conventional Total Station measurements:

comparison table


Designated Features to Optimize and Expedite Earthwork

volume calculation

DatuSite™ employs automated aerial photography to easily and accurately generate point cloud for 3D modeling, maps, cut & fill estimations, calculations and reports that reduce errors, save time and operational expenses. DatuSite™ offers designated features to expedite earthwork and excavation procedures:

  • Cut & fill estimations/volume calculations present existing and final elevation maps and automatically calculate the amount of earth to be cut or filled.
  • Find out slope, widths and heights and calculate how much earth will need to be excavated.
  • Perform takeoffs for flat pads, such as those used for building pads. The estimator can specify the area that is, or should be flat.

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