Oct 16,2017

GISCafe Interview with Datumate - InterGeo 2017

Following the announcement of DatuBIM - a field data analytics cloud platform designed for construction infrastructure projects at InterGeo 2017 Berlin, Tal Meirzon (Datumate's CEO), gave an interview to Sanjay Gangal from GISCafe - the leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Industry web portal.


DatuBIM Announcement

Datumate announces the launch of DatuBIM, a unique field data analytics and BIM cloud services platform that transforms the labor intensive and slow field data delivery in traditional construction processes into an end-to-end, unified solution. DatuBIM platform includes BIM planning and as-built monitoring and analytics that eliminate cost overruns and save months of delays in projects’ execution. 

BIM solutions are being adopted globally to enable greater management and control of construction infrastructure projects. However, to effectively measure planned vs. actual progress, identify the cause of project delays, and pinpoint project deliverable risks, BIM solutions require continuous and accurate as-built field data and analytics.  

DatuBIM integrates state-of-the-art drone, computer vision, and photogrammetry technologies to fully automate field-to-plan processes and deliver comprehensive, as-built field data and analytics for construction companies’ stakeholders on a daily basis, via:

  • Drone-based data collection and mapping
  • Ongoing, as-built processing, modeling, and storage
  • As-built instances comparisons vs. BIM design plans and project schedules
  • Tracking of budgeted vs. actual costs
  • Real-time generation and monitoring of non-compliance (QA) reports
  • Progress and data analytics

DatuBIM’s vectorized measurements, CAD outputs, dashboards, reports, alerts and accurate forecasts help construction managers make on-time, informed decisions during planning and project execution.

DatuBIM cloud platform enables continuous access to survey grade, precise, stored field data and analytics  to efficiently monitor project progress. DatuBIM cloud services enable image upload, model processing and output download, including 2D maps, 3D models, analytics, and reports that help make data driven decisions and keep the project on track.