Become an FAA Certified Pilot and Conduct Drone Surveys!

Datumate is pleased to offer an exclusive 360° Aerial Surveying Bundle for geospatial professionals. Utilize the bundle’s components in becoming a certified UAV Pilot, fly aerial survey missions and transform the images into precise, survey-grade models and maps.
This unique bundle includes:

DatuSurvey™ is the only photogrammetry software designed for professional construction and land surveying users.  With its fast learning curve, DatuSurvey™ mimics the traditional surveying workflow, providing high-precision survey-grade models and maps as well as enabling significant cost savings and a safe and shortened work process.

Datumate’s exclusive 360° Aerial Surveying Enterprise Bundle is available at $8,500.  

Make sure to redeem this offer by June 30th, 2017.

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